Our Biggest Asset

We are brick and mortar store est.1982 that you can come too. We carry and sell high end Home Audio, Multichannel, Outdoor and 2 channel systems. We have 9 up and running showrooms.
You can See It, You can Hear It, and You can Touch It here at Stereotypes. You are not shopping online, but at a real store that respects customers needs and abilities to shop in person. Come in and experience our 9 comfortable demonstration rooms where you can relax and audition a range of carefully selected products and systems.


Please visit the product page on our website for clickable links to all the high end brands we carry. Our products are selected from the finest brands on the market. They include established names, like McIntosh, Revel, Paradigm, Focal, Mark Levinson and Anthem. We personally audition every product before it hits the sales floor, focusing on performance, functionality and value.