About Us

Stereotypes was founded in 1982, as a family owned and operated business specializing only in high-end home audio/video equipment, accessories and related services.

We maintain a staff of trained professionals to guide you in creating a system that fits your needs. Let our knowledgeable and professional sales staff help you in adding to or upgrading a system you may already have.

Stereotypes has equipment to meet the needs of everyone, no matter what your budget may be. There is no job that is too small or large. Let our professional sales staff help you in adding to or upgrading your existing system.



Charley started Stereotypes in 1982 with partners Carlos and Clara, his parents. He was born in Daytona Beach and grew up skateboarding and surfing. He started his pro skateboarding career at age 15. At age 17, he was traveling the country and competing at a professional level.

At the age of 22, and back in Daytona Beach, his love of music and sound systems had him selling and installing car stereos to friends. He decided to rent a small warehouse and make a business out of it. The customers came.

Outgrowing the small warehouse almost immediately, he purchased property and built Stereotypes. Home audio worked its way to Charley’s primary focus. More than 40 years later, Charley’s love of music and talent for designing systems is still in full swing. His years of experience with high end products have helped him design systems in some of the many of the most prestigious homes in Central Florida. He has designed for pro athletes, rock stars, and even helped with a system on the USS Topeka Nuclear Navel Sub.

Charley loves sound, loves high end equipment, and loves to be challenged by customers with their ideas and needs in home systems.